Best Summer Destinations for an Awesome Vacation in 2019

With every new year, people like to travel and visit new places. Summertime is especially a great period to travel, as some countries get amazing weather during that time, but mostly due to holiday periods and days off being in the summer, for most countries. Summer is also the season when travel becomes lightest, literally, as you do not have to carry heavy winter gear with you. Given that summer is almost upon us, here are the best summer destinations to visit in 2019.


Egypt is one of the cradles of our civilization and one worth visiting every year. In 2019, it is no different, and it should be marked as one of your best destinations if you want to experience a hot summer, pyramids and a culture which is iconic in every single way. Oh yes, and the pyramids again, those things are huge and a wonder to look at.


Summertime in Egypt means heat and more heat, while for the Scottish, it means a warm and lovely summer with occasional rains and a generally lovely time of year. The Scottish Highlands offer a different type of beauty to that of a desert, in fact, it is almost the opposite, unless you count snowy hills the opposite. There are plenty of things to see in Scotland, from the Highlands, the castles and the cities, as well, not to mention the many islands or isles, as they are often called.


People often associate Tahiti with an expensive holiday. But, if you are willing to sleep in a shack by the beach, with everything you require, meaning a kitchen and bathroom, a bed and electricity, then you could get away with an inexpensive holiday in one of the world’s most beautiful regions. Sleeping by an ocean can be very relaxing and good for one’s health, especially if you want to spend some solitary time, given that there are plenty of islands around Tahiti which you could also visit, a lot of them much smaller.

Greek Islands

In the mediterranean, there are plenty of Greek Islands which you could visit, Crefe, Crete, or Santorini, to name a few. There are more, smaller islands, which are less popular, thus great if you want a more private experience. Getting there is easy, there are plenty of airlines flying to these destinations, not to mention frequent boats and ships passing through. You can even transport your own car via ship. The islands offer a little bit of everything for everyone, from parties, UNESCO sites, to solitary beach experiences.

Among the world’s countless beautiful destinations, these are the best ones to visit in Summer of 2019.