Top Travel Games for Your Phone

Anyone who has ever been on a long road trip or a long-haul flight knows that it can get boring sometimes, especially if you’re not the driver, so it’s important to have something to do to kill time. Mobile devices are a lifesaver in these situations as there are countless games that can be enjoyed on the go.

Many people prefer to play casino games on their phones while travelling, usually using some promotion such as this Ladbrokes Casino bonus code, as they are able to enjoy slots, poker, jackpot, table and card games and more after signing up.

Gaming enthusiasts also have a wide array of mobile games to choose from. For those looking for suggestions as to what worlds are worth exploring during their trips, we came up with a list of the best travel games for mobiles.

Monument Valley 2

Available for iOS and Android, this indie puzzle game lets players guide a mother and her daughter during their journey through an interesting world with magical architecture and lots of optical illusions. The duo will explore an impossible world and discover the secrets of the Sacred Geometry along the way.

Alto’s Adventure

This is a great game to keep you busy while on the road, as it is very relaxing and fun to play. It’s a snowboarding video game created by Snowman in which Alto and his friends get on their boards and embark on an endless journey through breathtaking alpine scenery, with beautiful hills, small mountain villages, woodlands and abandoned ruins.  During this exciting snowboarding journey, players will perform tricks, save llamas, and bravely leap over chasms.

80 Days

80 Days made it to our list because it is not only a good travel game but also a video game about the thrill of traveling. It’s a beautifully illustrated game that is partially based on “Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne. The plot follows the adventure of Monsieur Phileas Fogg around the world after he wagers that he can do it in eighty days. The player is the one who decides how things evolve as his choices greatly impact the plot.

Don’t Starve

Another magnificent travel game for phones is Don’t Starve. It’s a challenging and engaging title that is impossible to put down, so it’s guaranteed to keep you busy for hours on end. Players are able to test their limits with this wilderness survival game, as their character is dropped in a wasteland and left there to fend for themselves and simply try not to die. The tricky part is that there is no tutorial, so the gamers have to figure out by themselves how to play the game.

Plague Inc.

One of the best games to pass time while on the road, Plague Inc. is a strategy simulation title where the player controls a small microbe that he has to grow and evolve in order to infect people and destroy the world. There are four pathogens gamers can choose from, and they will experiment with new ways to wipe out the human race with each game. Another cool point is that players also get to decide whom to plague, how quickly the infected people will die, and other variable elements in the game.